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Universal Flag

art@tsuchizawa, Towa cho, Hanamaki, Japan.

art@tsuchizawa is an open art festival held in the rural north of Japan. The basic idea is to open up the small village to any and all people who wish to exhibit art in its broadest sense. The work varies from contemporary / conceptual art to local craft exhibits and ikebana, etc. and is presented throughout the village. The town of Towa Cho was the birthplace of Yorozu Tetsugoro, Japan's first experimental Modernist painter. As I was not granted permission to fly the Universal Flag outside the local council branch building, I erected a flag pole outside the Yorozu Tetsugoro memorial museum as a secondary alternative.





Video documentation was also presented in the art@tsuchizawa information centre, of the journeys made to the centre of Thailand and France. In these journeys I planted the universal flag to claim these countries as members of the universalistic ideal for which the flag was created.



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