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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitions Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium, 2016

Solo Ehbibition: Chateau de Seneffe


Five new projects will be presented within the grounds of the Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium, between the 5th June and the 30th November 2016. Here you can view some of the preparitory drawings and photo-montages that give an impression of how each of the four outdoor installations might look.


The fifth project is a four channel video showing flora, fauna, agricultural and cultural events over a 12 month period in Japan. The four videos combined will proesent over 2 hours of material. A sample of how part of this video might appear can be seen here:






There will be five cibuc units, placed around hte garden. Each unit will house an art object or artifact from a person recently deceased.  
12.5m Sphere
12.5m Sphere

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