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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitions IJsselbiennale, The Netherlands


Untitled # 192

Larch, steel, concrete, meadow plants, woodchips, Catalpa speciosa. 11.4m x 11.4m x 7.7m

IJsselbiennale, The Netherlands, 14th June - 24th September 2017

Hemispherical structure with a purpose build platform to house a small raised island which contains meadow flowers and a tree. Untitled # 192 is one of 28 art works included in the IJsselbiennale and is located in a wildflower meadow that is home to 50 species of butterfly, within the grounds of Kasteel De Haere, 8kms north of Deventer.

The IJsselbiennale web site can be viewed here

A pdf version (62Mb) of the travel giude for the biennale with information about all artworks can be viewed here.


Photo: Peter Cox
Photo: Peter Cox
    Photo: Peter Cox
    Photo: Peter Cox

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