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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitions Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK

Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK 28th April - 6th June 2012

Untitled # 159, Eucalyptus, dimensions variable, 2012

Untitled # 160, pine, dimensions variable, 2012

The Royal Scottish Academy 186th Annual exhibition was arranged around the theme of the artists studio. organised by Doug Cocker and James Castle a number of artists, both from within and outside the RSA, were invited to present work along side RSA academicians. Two works were presented by Aeneas Wilder. The first was a cylindrical structure set in the sculpture court and complimenting the aesthetic of William Playfair's architecture. The structure consisted of approximately 6000 short lengths of Eucalyptus

The second installation, Untitled # 160 was a horizontal cylinder spanning the stairwell space leading up to the sculpture court. The structure collapsed some 90 minutes before the opening of the exhibition and was seen by only a few people. Security cameras recorded footage of the work collapsing and this will be transferred to a compatible format at some future date.

Links to the RSA web site, with text relating to Aeneas Wilder's perception of the studio can be viewed here.


Floor plan design for Untitled # 159

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