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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitionsCabanes, Seneffe, Belgium 8th May - 13th November 2011.

Untitled # 153,

Untitled # 154

Fir, dimensions variable, 2011

8th May - 31th November, 2011.

Two installations were constructed for this outdoor group exhibition. A hemispherical structure was installed over the water area in the orangerie garden and a column was constructed around an existing commemorative column at the far end of the main garden area.

The water feature in the Orangerie garden allowed for an internal reflection to exist, partially completing the interior of the hemisphere.

The column at the top far end of the Grand garden commemorates a battle between the opponents of Prince de Conde and the Prince of Orange in 1647. The column was covered in short blocks of wood and a chair was place on the top of the column, overlooking the Chateau and gardens, and the former battle field.


The exhibition was loosley themed around the idea of a cabin or hut. The other artisits in the exhibition were: Luc Coeckelberghs, Pierre Courtois, Frédéric Gaillard, Loreta Visic, Dimitri Van Grunderbeek, Frédéric Geurts, Jason van der Woude



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