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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitions Wood, Paper & Fibers, University of Maryland, USA

Wood, Paper & Fibers, The Art Gallery, University of Maryland, USA. 26th January - 9th March, 2012.

Untitled # 156, pine, dimensions variable, 2012.

Untitled # 157, fir, dimensions variable, 2012

This was a group exhibition curated by the artist Foon Sham. The exhibition focused on transformative materials that transend their elements and captivate the viewer. The exhibition included works by Ben Butler, Chris Gilmour, Drew Goerlitz, Brain lee, Pilar Ovalle, and Millicent Young.

Aeneas Wilder presented two works for this exhibition, a stacked sphere, made from wood and a second stacked structure, a column, made from slavaged wood found on the campus of the university. This column was collapsed as a public performance at the start of the exhibition.

A basic write up of the collapse and some video documentation can be viewed here


Photos by Pilar Ovalle and Aeneas Wilder
Untitled # 157

Untitled # 156  
In progress image during the installation of Untitled # 157
Waiting for the collapse, Untitled # 156  
Untitled # 157 detail.

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