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Aeneas Wilder: exhibitions Void, August Art, London, UK

Void, August Art, London, UK 3rd May 2012

Untitled # 161, pine, dimensions variable, 2012

The exhibition Void was conceived as an off site project by August Art. The work, untitled # 161, was installed within the offices of Edward Cullinan Architects in Islington, London. The installation was created within the building as the building was being structurally strengthened and modified, basically a building site. The installation was located within the building site and existed for an indefinate period of time during which the daily comings and goings of the renovation work took place.

This was an experimental piece which did not allow for public access. However there was a webcam recording the structure and the surrounding working environment. This recording, projected onto a wall, and additional information and signage about the project was presented at the pemises of August Art.

A comprehensive overview of the project can be seen on the relevant August Art web page.

This project was made possible by the generous support and understanding of a large number of people, including Edward Cullinan Architects, Jerram Falkus, August Art, Winnie Sze, Sally Hogarth, Ben Rayner and Kate Goodwin.






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