Untitled # 88 was a time based installation created during a research period at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre in 2002. I was allocated the main exhibition gallery in order to realise an installation proposal that I had been developing over recent years. The opportunity to develop the installation within the curved gallery space was of particular interest. The installation was simply an attempt to unite time space and structure within the confinds of the gallery designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

However, the simplicity of the materials and construction technique allow for multiple interpretations of the work, and tied together many elements of my practice. The work can be seen as: performance, installation, site specific,video documentary, time based, kinetic and/or conceptual.The whole project was completed in three days and destroyed in front of an invited audience. The installation existed for only two hours in its entirety before being destroyed.


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Aeneas Wilder: projects Untitled # 88





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