To see ourselves as others see us is a project born out of my initial experiences in India. Having been invited to participate in the KHOJ International exhibition in Bangalore in 2003, I spent one week prior to this in Kerala. During this time I was exposed to the extremities of Indian culture. During one mornings walk I came across a film poster. The eyes of the main characters had been poked out. I saw this (harmless) act as symbolic of the disenfranchisment for many within Indian society. This is clear in relation to the expanding economic conditions for some, set against the extreme poverty of others. The initial installation, created in Bangalore, was an interactive work whereby the public could redress the imbalance in their lives through the adoptive mechanism offered through the action of looking through the eyes of the two filmstars portrayed - Jyotika and Govinda

The work itself consists of a billboard showing two faces. The pupils of each portraits eyes have been cut away, to leave blank spaces. The faces only really come alive when participants climb behind the billboard and pop their faces into the spaces to fill up the pupils of the two characters.

The text for this billboard comes from the poem "to a Louse" by Robert Burns.

The work has now developed futher with a second billboard - depicting Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora McDonald having been shown outside the Royal Scottish Academy building in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006.


The third billboard in this series, showing Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan was presented as a visual arts project during the Edinburgh Mela festival in September 2006. This third version was seen by some 20,000 people over the weekend of the festival.

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Aeneas Wilder: projects To see ourselves as others see us (Bangalore)


Govinda and Jyotika presented outside the Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2003


Flora McDonald and Charles Edward Stewart as presented outside the Royal Scottish Academy building, Edinburgh, 2006


Detail of Charles Edward Stewart


Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai as presented at the Edinburgh Mela, Pilrig Park,Edinburgh, September 2006


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