The universal flag is a concept developed from several years research. The basic principle is to have a flag that all the people of the world can adopt, in opposition to the national flags that we are all born to adopt. A more universalist approach to our identity can be achieved if we first of all shed our ingrained nationalistic propaganda. The design for this flag came initially out of my research into Zen garden designs. However, the circular motif along with repetition have been hall marks of my work for many years. The flag consists of twelve concentric circles on a black background. The colours for each of the circles has been chosen to represent the dissemination of energy from the centre out towards deep space, with the colours burgundy and red representing heat, changing through oranges to yellow and then green for plant life, blues for the sea and sky with purple acting as the transition from our material world to the metaphysical world. The black of the flag represents deep space.


Included here are earlier versions of the flag, cycling through various colours and also adjusting the number of concentric circles

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