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Aeneas Wilder: Writings Iwate EarthQuake 2011 - OtsuchiTimes are Japanese standard time.


Video documentation of our trip to Kamaishi and Ofunato can be seen here. (Although set as a video stream this is a large file - the video is 40 minutes long -and will take 30mins to download).All subsequent posts after the 18th March can be viewed here

27th March

Travelled to Ofunato, from Towa cho, in a bio-diesel high ace type van. There were three of us and a load of things that people need. Basics such as socks and shoes are always welcome.The photos are from two principal areas

South of Ofunato: Tsurumaki cho and Nishitate cho, located on the Go Ishi peninsula south of Ofunato.
East side of Ofunato: Akasaki cho and Ryori cho on the Ayasato Saki peninsual

Inland at Nishitate village
There were, infact, three tsunami's. The second Tsunami was the largest and came shortly after the first, and the inital tsunami warnings. The third tsunami came during the night and accounts for the high water mark damage and the subsequent , lower, oil slick line seen in later images here.

The second floor of a house dragged out to the coast line where the sea wall jhas collapsed.

Tsurumaki town

The water level line on the wall can be seen left
Although I felt quite uncomfortable, I chose to enter the second floor of this house as it was at ground level and easily accessible.




Tsurumaki town


Harbour front at Tsurumaki town

High point of Tsunami at Tsurumaki town
Massaki town south of Ofunato



Massaki town south of Ofunato



Massaki town south of Ofunato


Industrial area on the east side of Ofunato. The brown/black stuff isthe remains of an oil slick
east Ofunato. On the left, the concrete foundation remains of residential area




Oil slick line and Tsunami damage



Oil slick line visible on house and trees



Central Ryori town


Sea wall and gate, Ryori town
Central Ryori Town

Outer harbour sea defences in Ryori bay


Akasaki town south east of Ofunato

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